Quick Tip - Don't Fall Victim To Table Top Mayhem

Once October hits, the holidays come one right after the other and it seems like we gather together with friends and family so much more this time of year.

When designing your table settings its easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you need to do a clean sweep for each holiday!

But here is a quick tip to keep it simple...

Use décor pieces and colors that will easily transition from one holiday to the next. Everything we used to create both a Halloween and Thanksgiving table design in the picture below!

Use pieces you love so you don't want to rush out to Home Goods for additional décor you are just going to use for a few weeks. These pieces end up just being cabinet clutter or attic ornaments in the offseason!

Source local farms for great deals on miniature pumpkins to add a little texture or venture out to your own backyard and grab some pinecones or clippings to add a fresh look at a low cost.

Here is our Halloween to Thanksgiving table design transformation!

We just added in a little more color and texture by using items that were already displayed in different areas of the room! By switching out the salad plates and using a more vibrant strand of garland, the table appears more bountiful and we are ready to host Thanksgiving!

Friends and family will be amazed at how you are able to keep the look fresh with minimal changes! #shoplocal #fall #tabledecor #keepitsimple

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