Christmas Design On A Dime

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

11 Ornaments, half of a Christmas Tree and a scrap piece of fabric are the main components of this Holiday Vignette! Keep reading to find out how you can take minimal items and create a big impact!

We started out with a old trunk that used to reside in the attic and just a chair. Opened up the trunk and went to work!

In order for the tree to not look to tall for the trunk we only used the top two sections of the tree. This is also a GREAT idea if you have a tree and the lights are going out in one section and not the others... just use the pieces that still light up!

Next we took 11 glass ornaments, if you have small children or are just prone to breaking things I would suggest using non-breakable ornaments. We honestly started with 12..... tragically one ornament was harmed in the making of this vignette.

The joy of using a faux tree is bending the branches where ever you want them to go!

Instead of investing in a blanket we took a trip to Joann Fabrics and picked out a snowy white fabric and just had them cut us a yard! You can't even tell its not a blanket when its all put together and its a fraction of the cost!

The fabric presents are from Walmart ($7.98 a piece) and the ole' bear was a family heirloom. Under the presents is a pillow to help support them that no one will ever see ;)

You can wrap empty boxes, make your own fabric presents, add an angel or just add in your favorite childhood toys... so many ways to use the extra space in the trunk and make it meaningful to you!

We added a little extra charm with a wooden snowflake from Hobby Lobby and the cutest wooden 25 sign from a local boutique! We love shopping local and supporting fellow small businesses!!!

Here is the finished project in the evening when everything is sparkling! The chair shown is from At Home and both the blanket and the pillow are from Home Goods.

Now who wouldn't enjoy a good bedtime story or a cup of hot cocoa snuggled up in this spot? You know where to find us this holiday season after a long day of decorating!!!

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